The Vineyard

As a family rooted in farming, we truly believe that all great wine is made in the vineyard.  Our long term goal for this endeavor, one that will likely take generations, is to identify and cultivate the grapes that will produce the most distinct interpretation of our estate vineyard.  By employing four full time vineyard workers, we have the ability to pay close attention to our vines year round – doing practices by hand where many growers opt for mechanization to lower production costs.  We use sustainable practices to grow healthy, deep rooted vines that are specially matched to the varying soil types and slopes that make our 51 acres of land unique.

By utilizing well-timed crop thinning, we are able to concentrate the flavors and aromas of our grapes which ultimately lead to small quantities of highly intense and complex wines.  Our vineyard manager uses techniques learned during his study of Viticulture at Cornell University; utilizing methods specific to cool climate grape growing that help us achieve the full potential of each well-tended vine.  Our soils and climate are very similar to some of the top wine-growing regions in Austria and northern France, so we’ve applied the centuries of knowledge gained in those areas to our own process of selecting the grapes that are best suited to our site.  Our main white varieties are Chardonnay, Riesling and Gewürztraminer, while plantings of red grapes include Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and an Austrian red named Blaufränkisch.

Stop by for an antique tractor-pulled tour through our vineyard and learn how these vines turn sunlight into wines with soulful charm.